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Michael Peppler's resume


Free-lance consultant with more than 20 years of experience for a variety of clients. Broad experience in Software Engineering and strong communication and self-management skills.

Fluent in English, French and Swedish. Good knowledge of German.


Specialized in all aspects of database design and programing with Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise and Sybase Replication Server:

  • Data modeling;
  • Database design;
  • Transact SQL programing;
  • OpenClient programing;
  • OpenServer programing.

Long-standing experience with Sybase Adaptive Server (formerly Sybase SQL Server) covering versions 4.x, 10.x 11.0, 11.5, 11.9, 12.0, 12.5 and 15.0, starting in 1989. Experience with Sybase Replication Server 11.5, 12.0, 12.5 and 12.6. Experience with OpenClient versions 4.x, 10.x, 11.x, 12.0, 12.5 and 15.0. Experience with OpenServer versions 11.x and 12.x.

Extensive experience in migration and conversion of data to/from various data sources.

Extensive general IT skills covering Unix and various programing languages.

Career Overview:

2006-presentnbsp;   Peppler Consulting SaRL, Geneva, Switzerland.
Senior DBA at BNP/Paribas Geneva.
2005-2006    Cambridge Technology Partners, Geneva, Switzerland.
Senior DBA at BNP/Paribas Geneva.
1996-2004    Data Migrations, Inc. (Principal Consultant). Sybase consultancy for a variety of clients (Tele-Communications, Inc., GolfWeb, Clearstation,, Research Genetics,,, Kagi, SwiftView, Inc.).
Hands-on design and development of various types of applications, from sophisticated migration tools to high volume web sites. Responsibilities include:

  • Data modeling;
  • Database design and architecture;
  • Application design, e.g. Building application frameworks within which the other team members could work;
  • Troubleshooting Sybase based applications;
  • Identifying and resolving Sybase related performance problems;
  • Emergency DBA work (resolving corruption, etc.)

1991-1996ITF Management SA, Geneva, Switzerland (CTO). Design and development of a computerized commodities trading system capable of handling real-time financial data (real-time events, real-time position monitoring, etc.). Responsibilities included:
  • General system architecture;
  • Database design and coding;
  • Application design and coding;
  • All DBA tasks (backups, recovery strategies, etc.)
  • Network programing (TCP/IP) to allow distributed events at user workstations.

1989-1991CCM SA, Geneva, Switzerland (CTO). Selected Sybase as the database back-end for the conversion of an existing trading system from MS-DOS to SunOS 4.x. Responsible for the redesign of the application under Unix.
1985-1989Lloyds Bank Plc., Geneva, Switzerland (Sub-Manager) Technical lead for the design and development of Personal Computer based investment management tools for the members of the Managed Accounts department, as well as implementation of an accounting system for the 6 mutual funds administered by this unit of the bank.
1984B.Sc. from the University of Geneva, Switzerland.


Published the following articles in the "ISUG Technical Journal":

  • In the Q4, 2002 issue: "Writing Extended Stored Procedures in C for XP Server"
  • In the Q2, 2000 issue: "Installing and Using Sybase ASE Under Linux"
  • In the Q4, 1998 issue: "Writing Cleaner Perl and Sybperl Code"
  • In the Q1, 1996 issue: "Using the Sybase::CTlib Module in Sybperl 2.0"
  • In the Q2, 1994 issue: "Sybperl Solves a bcp Problem"


Presentations on Sybase specific topics at various conferences:

  • 2002 Techwave/ISUG Conference in San Diego (USA);
  • 2002 UK User Group in London (UK);
  • 1997 Perl Conference in San Jose (USA);
  • 1996 ISUG Conference in San Diego (USA);
  • 1995 ISUG Conference in London (UK);
  • 1994 ISUG Conference in San Jose (USA).


Received the 1996 ISUG Outstanding Achievement Award for my work with Sybperl, the Sybase OpenClient extensions to perl.

Free Software:

I have published and currently maintain several Sybase related Free Software (a.k.a. Open Source) packages:

  • sybperl, the Sybase OpenClient extensions to perl;
  • DBD::Sybase, the DBI driver for Sybase;
  • BCPtool, a GUI interface to bcp.