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Sybase ASE on Linux

Sybase released a free version of Adaptive Server Enterprise for linux a few years ago, and has now moved linux to the "core" platforms that it supports. Sybase on linux is available from

NEW (Sep 8 2004): Sybase has just started offering the Sybase ASE Express Edition for linux. If I read the document correctly this is a FREE (also for production) copy of ASE 12.5.2. It is limited to 1 engine, 2GB of RAM and 5GB of disk. Given the power of today's CPUs this can already offer quite a server - without having to pay the licensing costs.
Please see for more information.

There is also a free download of Developer versions of the latest releases of ASE (currently ASE 12.5.2). These developer versions are full-featured versions that are freely available, where most of the "extra-cost" options are turned on, but that are limited to a single engine and 25 user connections. They are free for use in development.

I have written an ASE Install Guide for Linux to help newcomers get started.

There is a Sybase on linux mailing list hosted by the International Sybase User Group. Messages can be sent to and you can subscribe to the list by going to The mailing list is archived and searchable at