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From: "Ed Avis" <eda at waniasset dot com>
Subject: RE: Sybperl and FreeTDS and MSSQL
Date: Jul 23 2009 4:21PM

Luc Van der Veurst  writes:

>I'm not sure if you want to run dbschema against a mssql database.

Yes, that's what I want to do.  If you have a modified dbschema program
which works better with MSSQL (even if it still craps out eventually)
I would be interested to see that.

>(i'm using the sybase libraries on unix with Sybase's 
>DirectConnect to connecto to mssql, but that's irrelevant for 
>the error I get).

I am hoping that I can use FreeTDS rather than installing the Sybase
client libraries.  The general question is whether Sybperl (comprising
Sybase::DBlib and Sybase::CTlib) will work with FreeTDS.

Ed Avis 

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