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From: <sergei dot cher at thomsonreuters dot com>
Subject: Need help in troubleshooting Sybperl installation on Sun Solaris 10
Date: Apr 23 2008 8:10PM



I installed Sybperl 2.18 on Sun Solaris 10 box. The installation was not
clean - when I ran "make test" command, some of the tests failed. But
"make install" did not produce any errors.


Sybase client 2.15.1, which I installed on the same Sun box, works fine
- I tested it.


But the script, presented below, produced the "Bus Eror(coredump)" on
the statement "$dbh->ct_execute("SELECT id FROM clients");".


The script is presented below:





use Socket;

use FileHandle;

use Sybase::CTlib;


#($srv, $uid, $pwd) = ('SYB11_DB1', 'vrdn_software', 't8737m299');

($srv, $uid, $pwd) = ('VRDN_DB', 'vrdn_software', 't8737m299');



print "srv = $srv\n";

print "uid = $uid\n";

print "pwd = $pwd\n";


$dbh = new Sybase::CTlib $uid, $pwd, $srv;

print "DB connected\n";


if (!defined($dbh))


  #error("Unable to connect to server, exiting.");

  print "Unable to connect to server, exiting.\n";

} else {

  print "dbh is defined\n";




$dbname = 'vrdn_network';


print "dbname before usage = $dbname\n";


#$dbh->ct_sql("use $dbname");


$dbh->ct_execute("SELECT id FROM clients");


print "select statement executed\n";


while($dbh->ct_results($restype) == CS_SUCCEED) {

        if($restype == CS_CMD_FAIL) {

            warn "Command failed!";




Script produced the following output:



$ ./

srv = VRDN_DB

uid = vrdn_software

pwd = t8737m299

DB connected

dbh is defined

dbname before usage = vrdn_network

Bus Error(coredump)




 I also tried to use a specific Database, uncommenting
"$dbh->ct_sql("use $dbname");" statement in the above script - in this
case, script failed executing 

"$dbh->ct_sql("use $dbname");" command.


I suspect that my Sybperl installation, particularly installation of
Sybase::CTlib, was screwed up.



Any ideas why it happened are appreciated.


I checked the environment variables - I think that they are correct...





Sergei Cher


Thomson Reuters

Boston, MA