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From: "Jason L dot Froebe" <jason at froebe dot net>
Subject: FYI: sp_tables doesn't work with SQL UDFs
Date: Apr 9 2008 6:49PM

Hi Michael,

Just an fyi:  ASE 15 sp_tables doesn't work with SQL UDFs.  sp_tables has the udfs coming back as system tables.

1) create a sql udf in a db
2) run sp_tables, you will see the UDF as a "SYSTEM TABLE"

22] DBADEV1.sybase_dba.1> sp_tables;
 table_qualifier table_owner table_name table_type remarks
 ---------------  -----------  ----------   ----------    -------
 sybase_dba       dbo          DATE_FORMAT                                                                SYSTEM TABLE  NULL

In the above example, the DATE_FORMAT UDF is the one at

I've opened a case with Sybase to get this fixed - I'll let you know the CR # when I get it.
Jason L. Froebe

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