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From: "Jason L dot Froebe" <jason at froebe dot net>
Subject: Re: Unexpected connects and disconnects at the DB server.
Date: Oct 7 2008 10:28PM

Could be running an invalid command or something that would cause a disconnect.  Put Ribo inbetween the server and the perl script.  You should be able to see who disconnects first and why.

 Jason L. Froebe

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From: "" 
Sent: Tuesday, October 7, 2008 3:28:08 PM
Subject: Unexpected connects and disconnects at the DB server.


DBD Sybase 1.05 

My co-workers code has a single dbh->connect.  
(he has a log/timestamp showing where
he only calling it once.) 

The sybase sysaudits show repeated login/select/logouts. 
The perl code is believed to simply
run multiple prepare/executes. 

The logouts are occurring 6 millisecs
after the select statement yet his code does not have any explicit disconnect

Any ideas? 

Cory Sane
Member of
Certified Sybase Associate DBA for ASE 15.0