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From: "Ed Avis" <eda at waniasset dot com>
Subject: RE: Is there a performance advantage to using placeholders with Sybase?
Date: Jan 8 2008 10:48AM

Michael Peppler wrote:

>I haven't checked execute_array vs execute - off-hand I don't 
>think that there would be any real performance advantage. 

In some DBDs execute_array() is implemented to have just a few round trips to the database rather than one per row.  To get that with Sybase I imagine you must use bcp.

>For emulating placeholder behavior in more complex T-SQL code 
>- sure it could be done, but it would mean a lot more syntax 
>analysis in the prepare() code itself,

I think an explicit flag would be needed somehow because parsing other people's SQL is a pain.

Hmm, I did an experiment:

    my $sth = $dbh->prepare('my_stored_proc ?');

No error was raised even though I connected with RaiseError and ShowErrorStatement.  I am using DBD::Sybase with freetds to connect to MSSQL.

Ed Avis  

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