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From: "Lenga, Yair " <yair dot lenga at citi dot com>
Subject: Sybase not closing connection when scripts is terminated
Date: Aug 23 2007 12:04PM

Good Morning,

I using DBI-1.34/DBD-Sybase-0.95 to access Sybase servers, using Sybase
client 11.5.1, regular CGI/command line scripts (No Mod Perl, etc.).
Running against ASE

I'm trying to understand a problem that occur very infrequently (once
every 2 month, on a very busy server). Each time the problem occur on
different script, but the pattern is the same:
- Script get launched.
- Issuing a query that result in large results set - Read Only
- Script is aborted with Signal (or Ctrl/C).
- Script is terminated.
- Sybase Server does not detect that the script is not running any more
- READ ONLY locks remain from the query.
- Another scripts is running 12-24 hours later - trying to update/insert
- get locked forever.

At the time of the problem, Sybase is showing open connection (sp_who)
to the process. We verified that the process is not running on the
server (using ps), and does not have any forked children that may have
kept the connection open.

I suspect that the core problem is that Sybase server is unable to
detect closed connection, when it is in the middle of sending the result
set to the client, but I could not replicate the problem.

Any help with the following questions will be appreciated:
- Does anyone know/experience similar problem - and know the source ?
- Is there any setting that can be used to say "Abort transaction if it
can not be executed in  seconds" ?
- Any way to force Sybase to actively check if the client is alive every

Yair Lenga