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From: "Lenga, Yair " <yair dot lenga at citi dot com>
Subject: Using Perl to repliace tables between databeses.
Date: Jul 16 2007 3:50PM


I'm working on a project where I have to create a "Warm backup" - system
that has MOST of the data ready (1-2 hours delay data is OK). The
important part is that it will ALWAYS be available. Rate of changes to
the data is low (1% of data changes every day, 50MB data).

Given that I do not have experience with replication, I ruled out trying
to configure replication server for this project. I'm down to two
- Try to use the rs_subcmp program to move changes between the machines
every hour.
- Use a custom perl program to mimic the rs_subcmp tool.

I've used custom perl code in the past - I've added a checksum/timestamp
to every record to help with the comparison process. I can not use this
logic now - I can not modify the table structure (or add triggers, etc)
for this project.

Does anyone have experience that can help me compare the two approaches
? Anyone know of a perl tool to perform similar task ? Are there any
other reasonably priced tools that can be used for this task of synching
data tables between data servers ?

Yair Lenga