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From: "Jason L dot Froebe" <jason at froebe dot net>
Subject: Re: DBD::Sybase with FreeTDS on Linux works, but fails when run under Apache
Date: Jun 5 2007 5:35PM

I wonder if there is a way to detect what is and isn't allowed by the
SELinux layer... prior to attempting to load DBD::*.  Perhaps check in
the BEGIN {} block and continue if SELinux allows for loading of
untrusted libraries.  

In the past, I've just disabled SELinux but it looks like I will need
to read up more on it to see if there is anything Sybase has to do and
what we need to do for using SELinux for Apache.

--- Michael Peppler  wrote:

> Ed Avis wrote:
> > Michael Peppler wrote:
> > 
> >>> I am using Fedora Linux 6, with FreeTDS 0.64, and 
> >>> DBD::Sybase 1.08.
> > 
> >> Check the SElinux settings. By default this is turned on, and 
> >> prevents CGI scripts from openening "untrusted" shared libraries.
> > 
> > Thanks, that was it.  I went to System -> Administration ->
> Security level and firewall -> SELinux -> Modify SELinux settings ->
> HTTPD settings and ticked a bunch of stuff.  Now the CGI script is
> able to connect.
> > 
> > Could DBD::Sybase be changed to report a better error message when
> it cannot load the ctlib shared library?
> > 
> Unfortunately not, because DBD::Sybase itself simply can't load if
> the 
> shared library can't be loaded.
> Michael
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Jason L. Froebe

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