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From: michael dot peppler at bnpparibas dot com
Subject: Re: Need some help -- trying ot install Sybperl
Date: May 25 2007 12:52PM

The most likely problem with BCP is that the client is using the UTF8 
charset (default for linux for the last 4 or 5 years) and your server is 
probably iso_1.

You can do "unset LANG" and then run the blk tests again and things should 
work better.

I'll have to look at the bcp -Y option to see how that could be 
implemented at the sybperl level for a future release.


Internet - 25.05.2007 14:43
Please respond to

To:     Michael PEPPLER
Subject:        Re: Need some help -- trying ot install Sybperl

Thanks Michael -- it was indeed an env.issue (gee, it's been a *long* time
since I installed Sybperl etc).

However, I'm now running into an problem with the BCP test.
Is there a way to work around this problem? Modifying 4_blk.t may help but
that's going to give headaches later, I reckon...

Any hints appreciated!


Rob V.

[root@io sybperl-2.18-L2yiZx]# perl -Mblib t/4_blk.t
# Running under perl version 5.008 for linux
# Current time local: Fri May 25 14:41:40 2007
# Current time GMT:   Fri May 25 12:41:40 2007
# Using version 1.23
ok 1
ok 2
ok 3
ok 4

Server message:
Message number: 4847, Severity 16, State 1, Line 1
Server 'Y1501'
Message String: BCP insert operation is disabled when data size is
changing between client and server character sets. Please use BCP's -Y
option to invoke client-side conversion.

This message and any attachments (the "message") is
intended solely for the addressees and is confidential. 
If you receive this message in error, please delete it and 
immediately notify the sender. Any use not in accord with 
its purpose, any dissemination or disclosure, either whole 
or partial, is prohibited except formal approval. The internet
can not guarantee the integrity of this message. 
BNP PARIBAS (and its subsidiaries) shall (will) not 
therefore be liable for the message if modified. 


Ce message et toutes les pieces jointes (ci-apres le 
"message") sont etablis a l'intention exclusive de ses 
destinataires et sont confidentiels. Si vous recevez ce 
message par erreur, merci de le detruire et d'en avertir 
immediatement l'expediteur. Toute utilisation de ce 
message non conforme a sa destination, toute diffusion 
ou toute publication, totale ou partielle, est interdite, sauf 
autorisation expresse. L'internet ne permettant pas 
d'assurer l'integrite de ce message, BNP PARIBAS (et ses
filiales) decline(nt) toute responsabilite au titre de ce 
message, dans l'hypothese ou il aurait ete modifie.