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From: michael dot peppler at bnpparibas dot com
Subject: RE: Connecting to repserver with DBD::Sybase
Date: Apr 10 2007 6:56AM

Hmm - I just tried using $sth->{NUM_OF_FIELDS} with a rep server, and had 
no problems.

Could you send me a sample script that illustrates the problem?



Internet - 06.04.2007 17:31
Sent by:
To:     sybperl-l
Subject:        RE: Connecting to repserver with DBD::Sybase

Hi Michael,
I had our  sysadmin folks upgrade to the latest version you specified 
below, and I am still getting the  error.
It appears that 
     $sth->{NUM_OF_FIELDS} (remember, this worked with repserver and 
earlier  versions of DBD)
is what's triggerng  the error.
Any  ideas?

Steve Wechsler | 
Sybase/SQL Server/MySQL Database Administrator 

MTV  Networks 

From:  [] On 
Behalf Of
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2007  1:46 AM
Subject: Re: Connecting  to repserver with DBD::Sybase

That would be DBD::Sybase  1.07. 

Could you try DBD::Sybase  1.07_04, available from please ? 

(I use that version at the moment, and  use it to connect to rep servers 
as well as ASE...) 


Internet - 02.04.2007  20:35 

Sent by: 

To:         sybperl-l 


Subject:         Connecting to repserver with  DBD::Sybase 

I'm not sure what the  official release numberis , but the version listed 
in is  1.90 

Are there any known  issues with this release? When I try to connect to a 
repserver I get this  error: 

Msg 2056, Severity 12,  State 0: 
Server 'liverep1', Line:  0: 
Line 1, character 1: Incorrect syntax with  'sp_datatype_info'. 
Can't use an  undefined value as an ARRAY reference at 
/usr/perl5/site_perl/5.8.4/sun4-solaris-64int/DBD/ line 355, 
 line 2. 

Obviously it's trying to run  this stored procedure on connection. 

It works fine when connecting to ASE, and an earlier version of 
(1.41) installed on one of our older servers works against  repserver. 

Steve Wechsler | 
Sybase/SQL Server/MySQL Database Administrator 

MTV Networks 

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