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From: "Jason L dot Froebe" <jason at froebe dot net>
Subject: Re: DBD::Sybase and extended sysprocesses columns
Date: Mar 26 2007 5:53PM

--- Matthew Persico  wrote:

> In Sybase 12.5 (don't know about earlier versions) there are three
> columns in sysprocesses:
>  clientname         varchar  30 NULL  NULL     1 NULL   NULL   NULL  
>   0
>  clienthostname   varchar  30 NULL  NULL     1 NULL   NULL   NULL    
> 0
>  clientapplname   varchar  30 NULL  NULL     1 NULL   NULL   NULL
>                                  0
> that are much longer than the "normally" used ones for this info:
>  hostname          char   10 NULL  NULL     0 NULL    NULL NULL 0
>  program_name   char   16 NULL  NULL     0 NULL    NULL NULL 0
> Any chance that we can fill in the longer columns with DBD::Sybase?
> I've checked my sysprocesses table and it looks like NONE of the
> various clients we use around here fill those fields. DBD::Sybase
> would be a good start.
> --
> Matthew O. Persico

Hi Matthew,

These are set at the ASE server not at the client connection
ct_connect() (v12.0 and higher).  So..  it would be nice for Michael to
add them as part of the standard 'after connect' processing but we do
have a workaround until then.  :)


User settable process information

The set command includes options that allow you to assign each client
an individual name, host name, and application name. This is useful for
differentiating among clients in a system where many clients connect to
Adaptive Server using the same name, host name, or application name.
The partial syntax for the set command is:

set [clientname client_name | clienthostname host_name | clientapplname

Where client_name is the name you are assigning the client, host_name
is the name of the host from which the client is connecting, and
application_name is the application that is connecting to Adaptive
Server. These parameters are stored in the clientname, clienthostname,
and clientapplname columns of the sysprocesses table.

For more information, see Chapter 10, “Managing Adaptive Server Logins
and Database Users” in the System Administration Guide.

Michael, could this go into the next version?


Jason L. Froebe

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