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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: DBD::Sybase and extended sysprocesses columns
Date: Mar 26 2007 5:35PM

Matthew Persico wrote:
> In Sybase 12.5 (don't know about earlier versions) there are three
> columns in sysprocesses:
> clientname         varchar  30 NULL  NULL     1 NULL   NULL   NULL     0
> clienthostname   varchar  30 NULL  NULL     1 NULL   NULL   NULL     0
> clientapplname   varchar  30 NULL  NULL     1 NULL   NULL   NULL
>                                 0
> that are much longer than the "normally" used ones for this info:
> hostname          char   10 NULL  NULL     0 NULL    NULL NULL 0
> program_name   char   16 NULL  NULL     0 NULL    NULL NULL 0
> Any chance that we can fill in the longer columns with DBD::Sybase?
> I've checked my sysprocesses table and it looks like NONE of the
> various clients we use around here fill those fields. DBD::Sybase
> would be a good start.

Well - these columns can be filled in in simple SQL using the SET 
command (set clientname, etc).

So I guess that DBD::Sybase could be made to fill this out automatically 
fairly easily during the startup, assuming that the server is an ASE 
server and not a rep server or some other Open Server...

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