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From: ed <cenvnc at gmail dot com>
Subject: Sybase::bcp
Date: Feb 7 2007 6:01PM


I'm using Sybase::bcp to run in some data from a text file into an ase 
15.0 express database. The database is on openSUSE 10.1. The table this 
data is being loaded into has an index that detects duplicate lines. The 
first file load enters the database with no problems. When I load the 
same file again, I expect to see a bunch of 2601's, duplicate row errors 
thrown by the callback function. Instead I see the following printed 
multiple times:

/Sybase message 1622, Severity 18, state 2
Type 'e2' not implemented./

(Type messages include: ee,f1,ea,e4)

*The perl script then hangs*. ????

Inspecting the packets with tcpdump I know that communication has 
stopped between sybperl and the db. The test network is very simple, 
collisions etc are not a problem. The transaction logs (tempdb and the 
database in question) have plenty of space. I have not upgraded 15 to 
the 15.01 edition. Could that be it?

I have loaded the file manually using bcp on the command line. And this 
produces the expected results.

Now I am not sure whether this is a sybperl question or an ase 
question... if it is an ase question I will repost on ase.linux.