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From: "Michael Peppler" <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: CTlib: Binary as Char?
Date: Dec 28 2007 9:17AM

I don't have access to a dataserver right now (up in the mountains
skiing :-), but IIRC you have to pass a real binary value - you can
use pack() to generate this from the 0xabcd form.

I suppose that Sybase::CTlib could do this for you... though that will
require some changes to the code.

Take a look at the t/...blk.t file for some examples of using BLK to
insert binary data.


On Dec 27, 2007 6:31 PM,   wrote:
> I'm converting an older program for use on Sybase 15.  In this process there
> is a routine that used DBlib's BCP routines which I'm dutifully converting
> to CTlib's BLK routines.  The conversion has gone well except for the
> insertion into the BINARY(16) fields.  Using the BLK routines and the
> ct_dyn* routines seem to insert the values as strings rather than their hex
> equivalents.
> For example, a simple insert like the following yields the expected results:
> $hex_value = "0x2a";
> $dbh->ct_sql( q{INSERT INTO #bin_test VALUES ( $hex_value ) } );
> returns 0x2a000, while using the following:
> $dbh->ct_dyn_prepare( qq{INSERT INTO #bin_test VALUES ( ? )} );
> $dbh->ct_dyn_execute( [ $hex_value ] );
> returns 0x30783261.  Basically treating it like a string because I get the
> same value if I insert like so:
> $dbh->ct_sql( q{INSERT INTO #bin_test VALUES ( "$hex_value" ) } );
> The bulk routines have the identical issue.  Reading the archives to try to
> solve this revealed a similar issue some time ago
> (, however, this
> file doesn't seem to exist any more in the package.  What am I missing here?
> Thanks in advance!
> Jayson Pifer
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