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From: cenvnc <cenvnc at gmail dot com>
Subject: Error handling in Sybase::BCP
Date: Aug 14 2006 9:42AM


I've just discovered this list after hours of pulling my hair out!
I have written a perl script using sybase::bcp. All the script does is 
input 8000+ lines of data to a database. In the database we have an 
index that does not allow duplicate lines. If a duplicate line is 
detected sybase:bcp throws a database error. I need to catch and process 
this error.
I used the perl module to catch the error. It allows 'try', 
'catch' syntax (I prefer it ;) )

Now the problem i'm having is that the errors thrown by the sysbase::bcp 
module are not caught by try and catch. I cant even redirect the output 
into a file, since (correct me if im wrong) the database errors are not 
on the std out.

here's an example:

    my $bcp = new Sybase::BCP $USER, $PWD, $SERVER;
   $bcp->config(INPUT => "/data/$FILEOUT",
                OUTPUT => "$DATABASE.dbo.$FILE_TABLE",
                SEPARATOR => ',',
                ERRORS => "$ERRORLOCATION/$FILEOUT.err");
catch Error with
   #do general error processing
   #print error code
   #print error_msg

Please can some one point me to some docs that explains the exception 
handling in SYBASE::BCP. Or better yet, some example code - code is 
worth more than a thousand words :)
I need to know *how to catch errors* for the module. The above obviously 
does not work...any suggestions?