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From: "Mr dot Dan" <bitsandbytes88 at hotmail dot com>
Subject: charactersets with sybperl 2.18
Date: May 19 2006 6:43PM


It turns out that the database character set on the ASE 11.9.2 db I'm trying 
to connect to uses LATIN1.  Should I use character_set_convert or can I set 
some env to use LATIN1 instead of the default utf8?  I get messages about 
utf8 but it does connect using isql.  The make tes isn't finishing off at 

Thanks again,

>I'm getting close to passing all the tests in make tests.  Having the right 
>env helped, but I'm still getting this error.
>Message String: Cannot find the requested character set in Syscharsets:  
>name =
>I'm not sure what to make of this.  Locales.dat has an entry for utf8.  I 
>wonder if the older characterset used in the database(on 11.9.2 ASE) I'm 
>testing to is using an older or slightly different version had some kind on 
>incompatible character set.
>I also had to revise the interfaces file from this:
>        master tli tcp /dev/tcp \x000213a2438224080000000000000000
>        query tli tcp /dev/tcp \x000213a2438224080000000000000000
>        master tcp ether prune 5095
>        query tcp ether prune 5095
>I'm using OCS-15_0 with sybperl-2.18.