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From: "Ashish Gupta" <ashish dot gupta at mizuho-sc dot com>
Subject: sybperl, cron and environment variables
Date: Apr 6 2006 6:06AM


Please can you help me with a problem probably regarding environment

I had written some scripts in perl and sybperl and put them in the cron.

01 20 * * * /home/sybase/dbalib/bin/run_dbcc     -s SYB_DBA61_TKD 
01 21 * * * /home/sybase/dbalib/bin/update_stats -s SYB_DBA61_TKD 
01 22 * * * /home/sybase/dbalib/bin/dump_db      -s SYB_DBA61_TKD
01  6 * * * /home/sybase/dbalib/bin/check_space  -s SYB_DBA61_TKD

They were working fine.

Then, I think I installed Replication Server.
And these scripts stopped working!

I get an error of the following type:

Your "cron" job on tktecwsd20
/home/sybase/dbalib/bin/run_dbcc     -s SYB_DBA61_TKD 

produced the following output:

Sybase::CTlib initialize: ct_init(12500) failed at
/home/sybase/perl/lib/5.8.6/sun4-solaris-thread-multi/ line
Compilation failed in require at
/home/sybase/dbalib/bin/../lib/ line 86.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at
/home/sybase/dbalib/bin/../lib/ line 86.
Compilation failed in require at /home/sybase/dbalib/bin/run_dbcc line
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /home/sybase/dbalib/bin/run_dbcc
line 11.

When I run the script interactively, by default I get this error.
But if I set the environment variables related to sybase correctly - via
SYBASE.csh - then the scripts work fine.

What I do not understand is: why were the cron jobs working fine earlier
on? and why do they fail now.

Thanks for your kind help.

Best regards,

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