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From: "Strauss, Fred" <STRAUSS at ap dot org>
Subject: Trigger errors
Date: Feb 14 2006 1:16PM

Is there a "recommended" way to trap errors generated by triggers
assuming the trigger is using raiserror to signal a problem?
I know that given the following in my trigger:
        select @msgText = "Related Key -" + @fieldname +  "- " +
                "does not exist in the table " + @desttablename +
                " attempt to insert invalid foreign key into table - " +
                @sourcetablename + " -Failed "
        raiserror 30053 @msgText
        rollback tran

that I will get a callback in my client message callback function but
the question is how do I indicate to the calling perl script that a
problem occurred?
I have the following routine that executes the stored proc in question:
sub exec_sql_nores {
        my $db_ref = shift;
        my $sql = shift;
        my ($row_count, $result_type, $status);
        # establish a handle to the database
        $row_count = $$db_ref->ct_execute($sql);
        while (($row_count = $$db_ref->ct_results($result_type)) ==
                if ($result_type == CS_CMD_FAIL) {
                        printf STDERR "Error in SQL: %s\n", $sql;
                next unless $$db_ref->ct_fetchable($result_type);
                my %data;
                while (%data = $$db_ref->ct_fetch(CS_TRUE)) {
        return $row_count;
This routine returns CS_END_RESULTS (-205) as it would if the stored
proc completed successfully.

Is it a matter of looking at the error code raised by raiserror and then
returning CS_FAIL from the message callback?
Thanks for any help!

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