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From: Simon J Mudd <sjmudd at pobox dot com>
Subject: Re: 64-bit/32-bit problems with DBI/DBD::Sybase on RHEL4 EM64T (x86_64)
Date: Feb 12 2006 9:17PM

On Sun, Feb 12, 2006 at 04:29:00PM +0100, Michael Peppler wrote:

> The only way to resolve it is to have perl and the libraries that need
> to be linked in be of the same type.
> So you either need to rebuild perl in 32bit mode, or get the 64bit
> versions of the libraries.

That's what I thought and we are trying to see if Sybase will supply us
with 64-bit binaries for RHEL4. We don't care about 64-bit Sybase ASE.
Currently I'm using a 32-bit RHEL4 for development but it was intended
to use the 64-bit version for production and that may have to change.

Rebuilding perl (and any related/required modules) is definitely not
something I want to do as maintaining it afterwards is bound to be
troublesome. The 64-bit OS Perl comes packaged (rpm) and is kept up to
date and substituting it with a specially compiled 32-bit version will
be difficult because of all the other perl dependencies.

I will have to see how our Sybase support respond. We only care about
the system libraries so maybe they will be willing to provide us with
them. The other alternative would be for someone to be able to provide
us with a DBD::Sybase built for RHEL4 x86_64 (with Sybase's permission).

Will see what happens.