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From: "Mark Aufflick" <mark at aufflick dot com>
Subject: Re: OT: Sybase and Sequences (Was: Re: Retrieving Identity Value of newly inserted row)
Date: Feb 2 2006 1:13AM

Great. Thanks for the pointers!


On 1/1/1970, ""

>No, Sybase doesn't have sequences (AFAIK neither does MS-SQL).
>Sybase has identity columns, and then you can write your own sequence
>generators using stored procs, or whatever method you want to use.
>There's a good write up on the various methods at
> (the document is 8 years old, but it's
>still valid for the most part).
>To get more information I would recommend the newsgroups at
>news:// (in particular the sybase.public.ase.* groups).
>Lots of Sybase engineers and various other highly competent people read
>these groups and help out.
>The sybase-l mailing list hosted by ISUG (International Sybase User Group)
>is good (go to to subscribe to the list).
> - 01/02/2006 00:43
>Sent by:
>To:     sabol, Robert_Gorrebeeck, sybperl-l
>Subject:        OT: Sybase and Sequences (Was: Re: Retrieving Identity
>Value of newly inserted row)
>Holy cow, you mean Sybase doesn't have sequences?! I've just recently
>started a financial job (which means sybase it seems) and my db
>background is mostly PostgreSQL with some Oracle and a smattering of
>Is it just me, or is Sybase ASE missing some pretty obvious RDBMS
>features and conveniences?
>I know that this list is Sybperl specific, but the people here seem
>pretty reasonable :) Can anyone recommend a good list/forum/community
>where Sybase things are discussed? Eg. in this case, I would be
>interested to read a discussion about sequence best practises.
>On 1/1/1970, "Edward J. Sabol"  wrote:
>>> Work-around: don't use placeholders, or hack it with a SELECT
>>> max(...) after the insert (ugh!)
>>Or don't use identity columns. For implementing sequential keys,
>>I use "Method 3" as docummented at
>>Placeholders work fine using this method.
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