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From: michael dot peppler at bnpparibas dot com
Subject: Re: Retrieving Identity Value of newly inserted row
Date: Feb 1 2006 7:20AM

No, for several reasons.

First, the @@identity value is localized to the connection it was 
generated on, and to retrieve it you need to execute a SELECT. You can't 
have multiple active statements on the same connection.

Second, the @@identity value is localized to the stored procedure where it 
was generated. When you use placeholders DBD::Sybase uses an API call to 
Sybase which causes Sybase to generate a temporary stored procedure on 
behalf of the client.

The localization of @@identity makes a lot of sense. Consider:

create proc tab_one_ins
    ... some parameters...
insert into table_with_identity_column(.-.....)
exec tab_two_ins with_some_parameters...
select @@identity

create proc tab_two_ins
insert into other_table_with_identity...

The "select @@identity" in the first proc should obviously return the 
identity value that was generated when data was inserted to the first 
table, even though a row was inserted to another table (in tab_two_ins) 
that also generated an identity value.

Personally this issue has never been a problem - I tend to code 
*everything* as stored procs, and as such I have full control over the 
data and how the various pieces should fit together.


Internet - 01/02/2006 00:47
Sent by:
To:     mpeppler, Robert_Gorrebeeck
cc:     sybperl-l
Subject:        Re: Retrieving Identity Value of newly inserted row

Couldn't DBD::Sybase internally cache the value of @@identity at the end
of each sql call that has an insert, which could then be returned later
if the method was called?

On 1/1/1970, "Michael Peppler"  wrote:

>       will always return an identity value of 0, which is obviously 
>       rect.  This behaviour is due to the fact that the handling of 
>       placeholders is implemented using temporary stored procedures in
>       Sybase, and the value of @@identity is reset when the stored 
>       has executed. Using an explicit stored procedure to do the insert 
>       trying to retrieve @@identity after it has executed results in the 
>       behaviour.

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