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From: Knut Behrends <knb at gfz-potsdam dot de>
Subject: Re: DBD::Sybase cant be loaded on winXP
Date: Jan 27 2006 8:17AM

Thanks Michael,

meanwhile I have found a workaround by using DBD::ODBC and using an 
appropriate ODBC Data source name in the connection string.

I have indeed already tried to change the  PATH as suggested: however 
that was before script execution time but not before module 
build/installation time. I'll keep trying  a little  bit. Thanks again,

KNut wrote:
> I'm not really a Windows expert, but I *think* that you need to make sure
> that if you build DBD::Sybase with the 12.5.x libraries then when you run
> perl scripts the PATH must include the 12.5 library directory, and NOT the
> 15.0 library directory.
> Michael
> Internet
> - 26/01/2006 18:50
> Sent by:
> To:    sybperl-l
> cc:
> Subject:    DBD::Sybase cant be loaded on winXP
> Hello List,
>   I have an XP machine with several open client 12.5 and 15.0 installed.
> My perl scripts are broken because  DBD::Sybase can't be loaded
> I guess this is so   since I have the 15.0 client installed.
> isql and the other stuff (sybase client tools) work fine. I can connect
> to ASE on the command line .
> Maybe my perl installation was messed up - i had a corrupt ppm.xml file.
> Thus today I installed a the most recent activeperl 5.8  distribution
> The install of DBD::Sybase is still broken.
> This is the error message:
> The procedure entry point com_memmovefn_nt was not found in the DLL
> libcomn.dll
> (translated from german)
> I cannot find anything similar on the internet about this error.
> What can I possibly  do to fix this?
> .... is it an env-var configuration issue ?
>  Knut
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