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From: michael dot peppler at bnpparibas dot com
Subject: Re: Migrating from DBLib to CTLib
Date: Jan 10 2006 7:21AM

DBlib is definitely deprecated, and doesn't have support for a number of
new features that have been added at the protocol level (date and time
variables, wide varchar columns, etc).

It shouldn't be TOO hard to write a DBlib to CTlib map if the number of
DBlib routiunes that are used is relatively small.

For example dbcmd() can be written like this:

sub dbcmd {
    my $handle = shift;
    my $sql = shift;

    $handle->{__SQL} .= $sql;

and dbexecute():

sub dbexecute {
    my $handle = shift;

    my $ret = $handle->ct_execute($handle->{__SQL});
    # clear the _SQL buffer
    $handle->{__SQL} = '';

    return $ret;


Of course I haven't seen your higher-level code, so maybe there's an
alternative method that can be used (i.e. re-write the middle layer to use
CTlib instead)

In the meantime I'll try to find the info regarding the .a libs under
Cygwin for DBlib...


Internet - 10/01/2006 07:10

Sent by:

To:    sybperl-l


Subject:    Migrating from DBLib to CTLib

As per another email thread (about Sybperl on cygwin), it seems that our
legacy code uses DBLib. In fact it inherits from Sybase::DBLib which
doesn't seem like the best way to go (I would be inclined to use a
has-a model rather than an is-a model in this case).

I believe from other posts that DBLib is somewhat deprecated. Can anyone
comment on that, and does anyone have any suggestions for migrating from
DBLib to CTLib?



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