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From: "Erik Wendelboe" <erik at wendelboe dot com>
Subject: Too many output parameters?
Date: Sep 22 2005 12:03AM


I am new to this list, and fairly new to Perl/Sybase development.  I am
maintaining an inherited program that worked like a champ, until we upgraded
(long overdue) our Perl version from 5.005_03 to 5.8.3, and reinstalled the
Sybase DBI/DBD (DBI version is 1.48, and DBD version is 1.04).  We are
running on HP-UX 11.11, and are using Sybase 12.5.

While debugging, I found that most stored procedure calls worked just fine,
only one had a problem, resulting in a Memory Fault, and coredump :-(

I found that the stored procedure that caused the coredump returned 8 output
parameters.   After poking around some, I found that by reducing the output
parameters to 5, everything worked perfectly.  I cowardly re-wrote the
stored procedure into 2 different sprocs, each returning 5 output
parameters, calling one right after the other.  It works fine, but I did it
just to keep the project going, it makes me nervous that I don't know why it
is working/not working.

Any pointers and/or help is appreciated.

Erik Wendelboe

Here is the code that calls the original stored procedure (I know I don't
test for the result type before I move it, I put in a check for that, but it
didn't make any difference.  I just wanted to show the original code, before
I 'mangled' it too much.):
sub GetCommandLine{ 
my($scope, $area, $temp_file) = @_; 
my($tmp1, $tmp2, $key); 
my($file_name, $file_date, $file_counter) = GetFileDateCounter($temp_file); 
my($sql) = "declare \@script varchar(80), \@options varchar(80), \@arg1
\@arg2 varchar(40), \@arg3 varchar(40), \@arg4 varchar(40), \@arg5
\@arg6 varchar(40)\n 
exec sp_get_commandline_30 '$scope', '$area', '$file_name', 
\@script output, 
\@options output, 
\@arg1 output, 
\@arg2 output, 
\@arg3 output, 
\@arg4 output, 
\@arg5 output, 
\@arg6 output\n"; 
$sql = $DBH->prepare("$sql"); 
do { 
while($data = $sql->fetch) 
$command_array{"script"} = $data->[0]; 
$command_array{"options"} = $data->[1]; 
$command_array{"arg1"} = $data->[2]; 
$command_array{"arg2"} = $data->[3]; 
$command_array{"arg3"} = $data->[4]; 
$command_array{"arg4"} = $data->[5]; 
$command_array{"arg5"} = $data->[6]; 
$command_array{"arg6"} = $data->[7]; 
} while ($sql->{syb_more_results});