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From: Ravi Parimi <rparimi at gmail dot com>
Subject: Executing stored procedures on Remote SQL Server
Date: Jun 27 2005 10:12PM


 I have been using DBD::Sybase to execute stored procedures on a
remote SQL server and it worked great for some time.

However, it stopped working for recent builds of our software. I do
not understand how this is possible. I checked with the people
responsible for developing the stored procedure and they said nothing
has changed in its implementation. The stored procedure that I use
returns a text message and an integer indicating the success/failure
of the execution. I use the following to get these values:

	my $sql = <prepare($sql) || die "Can't prepare $sql : $DBI::errstr\n";
	if($@) {
		print "Prepare Error is $@\n";
		print "Printing error here ... $@\n";
		return $@;
	eval {
		$sth->execute or die "Can't execute ${sql}: $DBI::errstr\n";
	if($@) {
		print "Execute Error is $@\n";
		return $@;
	my ($code,$error) = $sth->syb_output_params();
	print "code = $code, error = $error\n";
	if($code == 0) {
		$ret = "Pass";
	} else {
		$ret = "Fail:$error";
	return $ret;

The stored procedure does not seem to return any values at all,
although I see that it was executed on the remote server( the stored
procedure sends data over the network to a remote server, and this is
how I am sure that it gets executed).

Is there a way to figure out why I am unable to get the output of the
stored procedures into the perl variables? When I execute it using SQL
query analayzer on the windows machine itself, it runs just fine and I
can see both the message and integer being set.

I find the same problem with the very latest DBD::Sybase 1.05_02 that
Michael released earlier today as well.

Many thanks,