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From: "Chen, Meeilei" <Meeilei dot Chen at kcc dot com>
Subject: Sybase Lib not found while installing DBD::Sybase using FreeTDS
Date: Jun 23 2005 4:25PM

I am trying to use Perl program to connect to both Sybase and MSSQL.

I have Perl 5.84 & Sybase 12.5 on HPUX box running 11.0. The MSSQL is on
a window SQL server 2000 

I installed FreeTDS .63.
And I set env(SYBASE) to /usr/local/freetds and unset Sybase_ocs and
LD_Library_path. when I tried to install DBD Sybase 1.04 I got message
that "Can't find the lib directory under /usr/local/freetds" and there
is no lib directory under the /usr/local/freetds. What am I missing?


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