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From: "Dave Warchol" <Warchol at harthosp dot org>
Subject: DBD::Sybase Problem, Make Ok, Make Test Fails, Solaris 9, Perl 5.8.5
Date: Jun 2 2005 7:35PM


     I have installed different versions of the module manually in the past, this is the first time I've run into an issue.  DBI -- 1.48 is installed.  I'm installing using CPAN.

One comment from the make.

Checking if your kit is complete...
Looks good
Note (probably harmless): No library found for -lblk

I looked around the archives at similar problems and saw the comments about /usr/lib needing to appear after the $SYBASE/lib stuff, so 
the environment info looks like: 

hcuxsstest01# echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH
hcuxsstest01# uname -a    
SunOS hcuxsstest01 5.9 Generic_118558-05 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-4

Running make test
PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1 /usr/local/bin/perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" "-e" "test_harness(0, 'blib/lib', 'blib/arch')" t/*.t
t/autocommit....NOK 2#     Failed test (t/autocommit.t at line 18)           
#     Tried to use 'DBD::Sybase'.
#     Error:  Can't load 'blib/arch/auto/DBD/Sybase/' for module DBD::Sybase: /usr/local/bin/perl: fatal: relocation error: file blib/arch/auto/DBD/Sybase/ symbol blk_done: referenced symbol not found at /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.5/sun4-solaris/ line 230.
#  at (eval 2) line 2
# Compilation failed in require at (eval 2) line 2.
Had to create DBD::Sybase::dr::imp_data_size unexpectedly at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/sun4-solaris/ line 1167.
Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/sun4-solaris/ line 1167.
Had to create DBD::Sybase::db::imp_data_size unexpectedly at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/sun4-solaris/ line 1167.
Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/sun4-solaris/ line 1167.
Undefined subroutine &DBD::Sybase::db::_login called at blib/lib/DBD/ line 94.

hcuxsstest01# pwd
hcuxsstest01# ldd blib/arch/auto/DBD/Sybase/   =>      /sybase/r12.5/OCS-12_5/lib/ =>      /sybase/r12.5/OCS-12_5/lib/ =>     /sybase/r12.5/OCS-12_5/lib/ =>    /sybase/r12.5/OCS-12_5/lib/ =>    /sybase/r12.5/OCS-12_5/lib/ =>    /usr/lib/ =>     /usr/lib/ =>     /usr/lib/ =>        /usr/lib/ =>   /usr/lib/ =>    /usr/lib/

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Dave Warchol
Technical Consultant
Hartford Hospital
Infomation Services
80 Seymour Street
Hartford, CT 06102  USA

Voice:  860.545.4222
Cell:  860.250.7253
Fax:  860.545.3321

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