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From: "Cumming, Joe" <Joe dot Cumming at citadelgroup dot com>
Subject: Sybase IQ bind parameter problem
Date: Mar 24 2005 11:18AM




I am unable to use bind parameters in a simple query using Sybase IQ
when the column being bound to is not an integer.


The following code


my $sqlstmt =" UPDATE creditqr.VolCurveDef SET QuoteType = ? WHERE
VolCurveDefID = ? ";

my $sth = $dbi->prepare($sqlstmt);


eval {

  $sth->bind_param( 1, 'SNAP', SQL_VARCHAR);

  $sth->bind_param( 2, 2672444, SQL_INTEGER);



if ($@) {

  print $@;



Produces the error 


DBD::Sybase::st execute failed: Server message number=21 severity=14
state=0 line=0 text=ASA Error -1000187: Unable to implicitly convert
column 'QuoteType' to datatype (varchar) from datatype (integer).


If I bind to just integer values however the db is quite happy.


Has anyone come across anything similar and know of a fix?








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