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From: "David Barnwell" <david dot barnwell at well dot ox dot ac dot uk>
Subject: Transactions errors with DBD-Sybase-1.05
Date: Mar 22 2005 7:04PM


I've hit some problems executing transactions and rollbacks with
DBD-Sybase-1.05 and FreeTDS 0.63RC10. My client system runs Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 3 and perl-5.8.0-88.4, and the server is SQL Server 2000.

The code I use is based on the example in The central part is:

   $dbh->{AutoCommit} = 0;
   $dbh->{RaiseError} = 1;

   eval {
      my $sth = $dbh->prepare($sql);
   if ($@) {
      eval { $dbh->rollback };

The SQL statement executes a stored procedure that updates a table. This
works fine with DBD-Sybase-1.04 and FreeTDS 0.63RC10. The procedure is
executed OK and the table is updated.

However, the program fails with DBD-Sybase-1.05. The SQL is executed and
the table is updated, but the transaction fails with the following error

   Attempt to initiate a new SQL Server operation with results pending

The program then attempts to execute the rollback. The rollback fails
silently, leaving the table updated.

I've put copies of the perl code, the program output and the TDS dumps (both
versions) on

Any ideas?

David Barnwell

Database Developer/Systems Administrator
Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics
University of Oxford, Roosevelt Drive, Oxford OX3 7BN, UK