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From: psinnottie at aol dot com
Subject: Re: Change in Sybase Home Directory
Date: Mar 21 2005 8:42PM

Hi John,

  > The "" and files that cannot be loaded do exist 
with the proper
 > permissions. Here is " ls -l " for the file:
  > -r-xr-xr-x 1 root sys 159744 Jun 29 2000 
  > Is this behavior expected when changing the location of the Sybase 
  > We were able to solve this problem (for now) by resetting the link 
back to its
 > prior value. Is there any other way to resolve this problem?

  The "No such file or directory" error message is related to the sybase 
ocs libs themselfs not
which is
  just what glues them into perl. If you run ldd 
  it should give the same error message. You need to run chatr $file to 
see where thinks the sybase libs are. chatr
  will also tell you whether the location of the sybase libs is hard 
coded or if SHLIB_PATH is enabled. If shlib path is enabled
  you should be able to get things working by adding the directory the 
12.5.3 libs are in to the SHLIB_PATH environmental
  variable. After doing this perl should/could/may work. If not then its 
probably easiest to just recompile and link your perl modules.