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From: Ivor Williams <c4xt-a6o8 at xemaps dot com>
Subject: RE: Class::DBI::Sybase segfaulting
Date: Mar 3 2005 9:59AM

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> From: 
> []On
> Behalf Of Michael Peppler
> Sent: 28 February 2005 18:17
> To:
> Subject: Re: Class::DBI::Sybase segfaulting
> On Mon, 2005-02-28 at 18:44, Ivor Williams wrote:
> > Cross posted from Class::DBI list:
> > 
> > Here is a fairly trivial DB and script. What am I doing wrong?
> > 
> > OS is Solaris 5.8 and Sybase version 12.5.1
> > 
> > Class::DBI version 0.96
> > DBI version 1.47
> > DBD::Sybase version 0.95
> Start by upgrading DBD::Sybase to 1.05.
> Michael

Done... Upgrading DBD::Sybase has fixed the problem.

The program is no longer segfaulting, but coming out with some
sensible messages informing me that the table has no index.

I can now move on with what I was trying to do, which is to fix
Class::DBI so that it works with case sensitive columns, and 
doesn't try and lower case them. Is Sybase the only database that
has case sensitivity in column names?