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From: michael dot peppler at bnpparibas dot com
Subject: Re: Xblk test fail
Date: Dec 19 2005 1:32PM

You should be OK.

That looks like a bug with the xblk.t test itself, which tries to connect
to your ASE using the thai_dict charset...


Internet - 16/12/2005 21:56

Sent by:

To:    sybperl-l


Subject:    Xblk test fail


We are in the process of compiling and installing the DBI/DBD onto a HP-UX
system (11.11).  When running the tests for the DBD (1.07.01), we are
getting error(s) from the xblk test.

I installed the 1.07 DBD on a test system a while ago, and had 60 of 62
xblk tests fail, but I proceeded and found no problems with any of the
functionality I am using from the DBD.

When I saw the reply you gave previously about the absence of the blk
library (although on Solaris), creating version 1.07.01 of the DBD, I opted
to use 1.07.01 for additional systems, and this version does only throw one
error from the 62 xblk tests.

I am wondering if we can proceed with this version, or if the error present
a major problem.  I removed the # from the Trace statement and have
appended the output from the execution of the xblk tests.

Any advise is appreciated.


P.S. the DBI installation remarks that we have multi-threading enabled and
recommends we turn it off for production environments.  We are only using
the DBI/DBD for status checks of the database, not transaction processing,
so we have never before turned multi-threading off.  Any need to change


(See attached file: trace.txt)

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