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From: dobbie1 <dobbie1 at swipnet dot se>
Subject: Sybperl: make error 1
Date: Nov 11 2005 10:21AM


Below is the screen output while trying to install Sybperl in my Sun 
E250 running Solaris 8 and Sybase 11.9:
# PATH=$PATH:/usr/perl5
# echo $PATH
# perl -v

This is perl, version 5.005_03 built for sun4-solaris
# perl Makefile.PL
Sybase OpenClient 11.1.1 found.
The sybperl modules need access to a Sybase server to run the tests.
To clear an entry please enter 'undef'
Sybase server to use (default: SYBASE):
User ID to log in to Sybase (default: sa):
Password (default: undef):
Sybase database to use on SYBASE (default: undef):

* Writing login information, including password, to file PWD.

Checking if your kit is complete...
Looks good
Sybase OpenClient 11.1.1 found.
Writing Makefile for Sybase::BCP
Writing Makefile for Sybase::BLK
Sybase OpenClient 11.1.1 found.
Note (probably harmless): No library found for -lblk
Writing Makefile for Sybase::CTlib
Sybase OpenClient 11.1.1 found.
Writing Makefile for Sybase::DBlib
Sybase OpenClient 11.1.1 found.
Writing Makefile for Sybase::Sybperl
Writing Makefile for Sybase
# make
make: not found
# find / -name make -print
# PATH=$PATH:/usr/ccs/bin
# echo $PATH
# make
mkdir blib
mkdir blib/lib
mkdir blib/arch
mkdir blib/arch/auto
mkdir blib/arch/auto/Sybase
mkdir blib/lib/auto
mkdir blib/lib/auto/Sybase
mkdir blib/man3
cp lib/ blib/lib/
cp lib/ blib/lib/
cp lib/ blib/lib/
cp lib/ blib/lib/
sh: make: not found
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `subdirs'

Shall I use another make instead of /usr/ccs/bin/make ?