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From: "Edward J dot Sabol" <sabol at alderaan dot gsfc dot nasa dot gov>
Subject: Re: About prepared statements asnd transactions....
Date: Oct 13 2005 6:32PM

Peter Sinnott wrote:
> Since you keep mentioning this I feel I should mention that I'm 95%
> sure the bug tracking system we use at $work is a version of Bugzilla
> with Sybase support added. Doesn't really move the conversation along
> but I thought I'd mention it anyhow.

Yes, a couple years ago, a large, unnamed corporation paid one of the
Bugzilla developers to port Bugzilla to Sybase, but those changes were never
incorporated into the Bugzilla source code and they are quite obsolete in any
event. Recent versions of Bugzilla have added a DBMS-abstraction layer and an
object-oriented, DBMS-generic database schema (which I helped to develop
actually). The goal is to get Bugzilla working on as many DBMSes as possible,
but one of the requirements is that there is no database-specific code
outside of the database-abstraction layer. PostgreSQL is done, and Oracle
will be done soon. As a proponent of Sybase, I'd really like to see Sybase on
the list of DBMSes supported by Bugzzila. If it wheren't for the multiple
active sth's issue, porting Bugzilla to Sybase would be almost trivial at
this point.