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From: "Edward J dot Sabol" <sabol at alderaan dot gsfc dot nasa dot gov>
Subject: Re: About prepared statements asnd transactions....
Date: Oct 12 2005 6:58PM

Ed Avis wrote:
> I appreciate that to some extent we have to follow the existing
> behaviour and not break compatibility - but don't add any more magic
> workarounds unless they're something the programmer must be aware of
> and deliberately ask for.

Whether it's officially part of the DBI API or not, DBI programmers have come
to expect to be able to have multiple active sth's. DBD:Sybase is the only
DBD of any relevance that doesn't support this, and it's a barrier to porting
major database applications such as Bugzilla to Sybase. Not supporting this
capability is seen by some as a serious deficiency. There are at least two
precendents of other DBDs emulating this behavior, so it's hardly uncommon.
The DBI is all about having a consistent interface to the database, and I'm
sure there are already plenty of "magic workarounds" in DBD::Sybase to make
it work the way DBDs are expected to work. I'm not advocating adding a new
magic workaround, but rather *fixing* the current workaround which doesn't
allow for multiple active sth's inside of a transaction. Make it an option if
you must, but this capability is sorely needed in DBD::Sybase.