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From: "Avis, Ed" <avised at kbcfp dot com>
Subject: RE: About prepared statements asnd transactions....
Date: Oct 12 2005 5:12PM

My two cents is that I'd prefer DBD::Sybase not to do anything behind my
back that involves making extra requests to the database - whether it be
opening a new connection or sucking in the rest of a result set from an
existing statement handle.  Ideally, I'd want DBD::Sybase to throw an
exception when I try to do something the database doesn't support.

The remedies people have proposed are all good ideas, but they should be
enabled only if explicitly asked for (probably with a flag or two at
connection time), and not the default.

I appreciate that to some extent we have to follow the existing
behaviour and not break compatibility - but don't add any more magic
workarounds unless they're something the programmer must be aware of and
deliberately ask for.

Ed Avis 

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