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From: Peter Sinnott <psinnottie at aol dot com>
Subject: Re: stored procedure and return values
Date: Oct 12 2005 1:51PM

On Wed, Oct 12, 2005 at 03:09:13PM +0200, Torsten Bauer wrote:
> hi all
> when i run the procedure proctest with isql the return status is -6.
> i try to catch this in perl but i can't get it.. i used different ways 
> and this is the latest one - based on the documentation:
> has someone an idea what i do wrong? it seems i'm going mad..

I imagine since the execute fails there will be nothing useful on
the statement handle.

What do you need the return code for?

If you need to trap the error the execute fails and $DBI::err is set to 208(missing object)

Unless you need to get the same return code from isql and perl this should be enough.

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