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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: sybperl 2.17 build issues (and DBD::Sybase 1.04.x issues)
Date: Jul 30 2004 7:35AM

I think the issues with sybperl 2.17 tests failing/core dumping (and
similar problems with the test DBD::Sybase 1.04.x releases) has to do
with the BLK code.

The 2_ct_xblk.t test sends a lot of bad data to the BLK routines to make
sure that it gets properly flagged (bad dates, oversized numeric and int
data, etc.).

For the most part I let the BLK routines themselves handle the
conversion, and I suspect that this is what is causing the problems,
with the BLK routine somehow corrupting memory with some versions of
OpenClient (and on some OSes).

I will probably re-write this code to explicitly convert from string
data (which is what the input to blk_rowxfer in perl looks like) to the
target datatype, and flag incorrect conversions at that level.

That being said - if you do not use Sybase::BLK or the blk_XXX() calls
in Sybase::CTlib the test failures are irrelevant and you can use 2.17
with no problems.

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