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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: DBD::Sybase 1.03 / sybperl 2.17
Date: Jun 14 2004 11:09AM

I'm getting ready for a new release for DBD::Sybase and sybperl.

If your favorite pet-peeve (or bug) hasn't been addressed in the CHANGE
logs listed below, please raise your hand (or send me an email :-) so
that I can consider it for this release.


CHANGES for DBB::Sybase 1.03:

	Added linking of threaded Sybase libs if perl is built with
	threading turned on.
	Added CLONE() method.
	Minor changes to dbdimp.c to be thread-safe.
	Added t/thread.t test script.
	Changes to Makefile.PL to make configuration easier.
	Add support for Kerberos-based network login.
	Handle new library names (libsybct vs. libct).
        Make sure that cached statement handle attributes (NAME_lc, etc)
	are cleared when multiple result sets are processed.
	Add host and port connection properties, to allow connections
        to ASE servers that are not defined in the interfaces file
        (requires OCS 12.5.1)
	Add ability to dynamically increase the maximum number of 
	connections (thanks to Ed Avis).
	Add ability to ignore stored proc return status in nsql() (thanks
	to Merijn Broeren)
	Fix Makefile.PL umask() issue on Win32 (thanks to Darin Delegal).

	Bugs Fixed:

	541 - $sth->{NAME} fails right after prepare().
	551 - Tests fail when using perl 5.6.1.
	556 - Add support for user-supplied SSL certificate file.
	557 - type_info_all broken with ASE 11.0.x
	562 - syb_flush_finish doesn't work during the connect() phase.
	563 - Memory leak when syb_binary_images is set.

CHANGES for sybperl 2.17:

	connection properties in Sybase::CTlib.
	Support CS_SERVERADDR connection properties in Sybase::CTlib,
	and also allow the $server parameter to ct_connect to be
	specified as "host:port" (requires OpenClient 12.5.1 or later).
	Some documentation changes/improvements in Sybase::CTlib.

	Bug Fixes
	546	umask checking doesn't work on Windows.
	555	blk_rowxfer doesn't handle datatype conversion errors.
	560	Long binary columns are truncated by ct_fetch.
	542	Fetch binary in raw format.

Michael Peppler                              Data Migrations, Inc.             
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