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From: "Owen, Robert" <robert dot owen at nortonrose dot com>
Subject: RE: The late SybTools and MSSQL
Date: May 21 2004 8:59AM


Thanks for that.

We now have freetds, DBlib and perl talking to MSSQL.   Minor celebration.

I'm trying to change as little as possible in this app.   It basically runs query pairs against two databases, 'diffs' the output and generates update and insert statements.   The thing takes 6 hours to run in production - and a weekend to run in development.    Obviously there are better ways to do this sort of thing these days.   The output, incidentally, is picked up by a COGNOS cube build.   

I figure the less I change the less I need to test...   So, if you have no objection, I'll change to talk DBlib.

Many thanks,

Robert Owen
ITAD Developer
Tel. 44 (0)207 444 2509

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Behalf Of Michael Peppler
Sent: 20 May 2004 18:50
To: Sybperl-L Mailing List
Subject: Re: The late SybTools and MSSQL

On Thu, 2004-05-20 at 17:59, Owen, Robert wrote:
> Apologies if this has been posted before but...
> I have a pile of legacy perl code that runs on AIX against a Sybase
> database.    It uses version 1.3.   I'm far too lazy to
> touch it!   
> Naturally, it now must run against MSSQL server on AIX.
> Now I believe that DBI::Sybase can talk to MSSQL however SybTools uses
> CTlib.   BooHoo:(    But the code only uses ArrayOfHash, ExecSql and
> HashOfScalar from SybTools.    Should I / could I hack SybTools to use
> BDlib instead??

Actually, DBD::Sybase and Sybase::CTlib use the same underlying
interface. To get them to talk to MS-SQL you have to use the FreeTDS
libraries instead of the Sybase libs (see for

I would suggest that you convert your scripts to use the Sybase::Simple
module, which is the evolution of SybTools, and which is still actively

And modifying Sybase::Simple to work on top of DBD::Sybase (or
Sybase::DBlib) should be pretty straightforward if you needed to do

Michael Peppler                              Data Migrations, Inc.             
Sybase T-SQL/OpenClient/OpenServer/C/Perl developer available for short
or long term contract positions -

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