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From: "Edward J dot Sabol" <sabol at alderaan dot gsfc dot nasa dot gov>
Subject: Re: Porting Bugzilla to DBD::Sybase: multiple active sth's per dbh
Date: Feb 22 2004 2:43AM

>> DBD::Sybase transparently opens a second connection to the database in order
>> to emulate multiple active sth's per dbh. That seems pretty reasonable to me,
>> but it foils Bugzilla's primitive table locking/transaction processing and
>> makes porting Bugzilla to Sybase difficult and possibly infeasible.
> One wonders why they used this technique in the first place.

Yeah, me too.

> I'm not really keen to make such a big change to the code base, although
> I would like to have Bugzilla work against Sybase (I admit that I looked
> at the Bugzilla code a while back and decided that porting it would be
> too difficult because of the way the SQL and database calls are done).

Well, big changes are afoot to the Bugzilla codebase to make it more
DBMS-independent. The charge is being led by PostgreSQL proponents mostly
though, sometimes unfortunately to the potential detriment of other DBMSes,
IMHO. The next release of Bugzilla will likely have PostgreSQL compatibility
though, so it's definitely a step in the right direction. After that, rumor
has it that Oracle will probably be next and Sybase if we're lucky. If you or
anyone else on the Sybperl-l mailing list are interested, you might want to
look in on (and possibly contribute to) the following bugs:

PostgreSQL compatibility:
   DB-independent schema:
     Sybase compatibilty:

Most of the ground work is going on in the PostgreSQL-compatibilty bug.

> I'll try to look at the DBD::MySQL code and see if there is anything
> there that could be reused, though I'd *really* prefer it if someone
> (you?) could come up with a patch for DBD::Sybase that would handle
> this... :-)

I'll take a look, but, unfortunately, I've avoided learning XS over the
years, so I'm probably not the best programmer for the job unless the results
caching can be done in pure Perl.