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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: Porting Bugzilla to DBD::Sybase: multiple active sth's per dbh
Date: Feb 22 2004 1:17AM

On Sat, 2004-02-21 at 12:05, Edward J. Sabol wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> DBD::Sybase transparently opens a second connection to the database in order
> to emulate multiple active sth's per dbh. That seems pretty reasonable to me,
> but it foils Bugzilla's primitive table locking/transaction processing and
> makes porting Bugzilla to Sybase difficult and possibly infeasible.

One wonders why they used this technique in the first place.

>  Using
> cursors is the obvious solution, but that's a rather invasive change to
> Bugzilla.
>  I'm getting nothing but flak from the other Bugzilla developers
> about this, some of whom want to abandon porting Bugzilla to Sybase entirely.
> Anyway, I'm told that DBD::Mysql and DBD::Pg (for older versions of
> PostgreSQL) both emulate the capability of having multiple active sth's per
> dbh by reading all the data from an unfinished sth into memory when a second
> sth is opened.

I'm sure it's feasible, but off-hand it seems like a non-trivial change,
as DBD::Sybase doesn't do any row caching at all (meaning that the whole
logic of fetching rows would have to be modified to handle this
situation, I think).

I'm not really keen to make such a big change to the code base, although
I would like to have Bugzilla work against Sybase (I admit that I looked
at the Bugzilla code a while back and decided that porting it would be
too difficult because of the way the SQL and database calls are done).

I'll try to look at the DBD::MySQL code and see if there is anything
there that could be reused, though I'd *really* prefer it if someone
(you?) could come up with a patch for DBD::Sybase that would handle
this... :-)

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