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From: "Calder, Erick" <ECalder at westernasset dot com>
Subject: RE: bcp_init crashes perl
Date: Dec 27 2004 10:39PM

this is turning into a monologue... :)

seems I haven't fixed the problem by using a database that allows bulk-copies... next I used the even simpler little program (which causes perl to dump core):

> use Sybase::DBlib;
> $bcp = Sybase::DBlib->new('developer1', 'xmas', 'udevgdr2')
>     || die $!;
> $bcp->bcp_init('STAGING.dbo.ec_tst', '', '', DB_IN);

anyone that read the original post will notice the database is different (this one allows buik-copies).

the curious thing is that: 

> use Sybase::BCP;
> $bcp = new Sybase::BCP 'developer1', 'xmas', 'udevgdr2';
> $bcp->config(INPUT => 'tst.bcp',
>     OUTPUT => 'STAGING.dbo.ec_tst',
>     SEPARATOR => '|'
>     );
> $bcp->run;

works ok but my direct call to DBlib's bcp_init fails... I also tried specifying an error file in the bcp_init() call but it writes nothing.  in fact, simply trying to step into bcp_init() in the perl debugger cuases perl to crash.


one other thing I noticed.  I intentionally misspelled the server name and tested it... instead of returning an error, the call to ->new() caused perl to dump core... so, something nasty's going on in here.

help anyone?

- e

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