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From: "JAMES FELLEY" <felleyj at si dot edu>
Subject: Problem with Sybperl installation
Date: Nov 22 2004 8:52PM

We recently moved from one Sun machine (running OS 2.9) to another.  Sybase was copied from one machine to the other, and I manually installed the /usr/local/perl (5.8.5) and sybperl-2.17.  Now a strange situation has been revealed:
While testing the Sybperl module for read/write/delete abilities, it became apparent that while I was working on the new machine, the scripts were communicating with the old machine.  Numerous tests and running isql on each machine showed this to be the case.  When the old machine was turned off, Sybperl stopped working with the message:    "DB-Library error:        Unable to connect: SQL Server is unavailable or does not exist.Can't call method "dbuse" on an undefined value at * (line number in script)"  I suspected that some setting in Sybperl or Perl itself was the problem.  I reloaded Sybperl from the .tar.gz file, and when this did not work, rebuilt the /usr/local/ version of Perl and then rebuilt Sybperl.  Still I get the same message.  I can connect to Sybase on the new machine with isql, but not with sybperl.   Any insights or answers?  We cannot figure how the new machine (and Sybperl and Perl) know anything about the old machine.                                            Jim Jim FelleyOCIOSmithsonian