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From: "Christian Behrens" <chrisb42 at gmx dot net>
Subject: Re: Sybase home directory question
Date: Nov 22 2004 6:47PM

> > That is very strange. and both had ../sybase/OCS-12_5
> in
> > them. Why? My CONFIG file clearly has not OCS-12_5 in it. And no
> variable is
> > set, and I don't think I had anything set when building SybPerl.
> Although
> > that is easy enough to test which I'll probably do later.
> That's a bug. I looked through the code, and I see that I override the
> value of SYBASE and append the OCS bit to it if it is found/set in the
> environment.

OK, you're right, I must have had $SYBASE_OCS set to successfully run 'make
test', that just occurred to me. However, is this bug on Solaris only?

> > The other weird thing is that after fixing and, my
> test
> > script DOES work and gives me back the the version string of the server
> I'm
> > connecting to, but without having anything else (i.e. $SYBASE_OCS) set.
> Now
> > this is great and exactly what I wanted, however not what I expected,
> after
> > this didn't work on Linux (had to add ../sybase/OCS to
> On Solaris this is normal - the path to the libraries is written to the
> binary because either the LD_RUN_PATH env. variable is set at compile
> time or because the -R link option is used (I don't have a Solaris box
> to test with right now, but I'm pretty sure that that's what is going
> on.)

That's also on Solaris only, right? 

> However that will stop working if you move things to a different box
> where the path to the libraries is different (though you can of course
> set up soft-links to get things to work again.)

That would be fine, as far as I can tell. Thank you for all your help,


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