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From: "Sabherwal, Balvinder (MBS)" <Balvinder dot Sabherwal at mortgagefamily dot com>
Subject: RE: error
Date: Nov 10 2004 4:22PM


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Behalf Of Michael Peppler
Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2004 11:02 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: error

OK - well that's weird. The ct_res_info() call will normally only fail
if the communication with the server has a problem of some sort. Are you
sure that you don't get any other errors?


On Wed, 2004-11-10 at 15:20, Sabherwal, Balvinder (MBS) wrote:
> Sybase errorlog is clean and there are no errors reported what so ever.
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> From: Michael Peppler [] 
> Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2004 1:58 AM
> To: Sabherwal, Balvinder (MBS)
> Cc: ''
> Subject: Re: error
> On Tue, 2004-11-09 at 20:30, Sabherwal, Balvinder (MBS) wrote:
> > Hi list,
> > 
> > I'm getting error upon running one of my scripts as below. This happens
> asap
> > the sql is sent to the ASE for execution via ct_sql() method.
> > 
> > The same script is working fine for another ASE and is failing for this
> > server. Any pointers on this? Below is the debug output.
> >   DB<4> 
> > ct_res_info() failed at
> >
> > se/ line 906.
> Take a look at the Sybase server error log. My guess is that you'll see
> a stack trace of some sort that corresponds with this request.
> Michael
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