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From: Jeff Zucker <jeff at vpservices dot com>
Subject: Re: DBD::Sybase for ActiveState perl
Date: Oct 1 2004 4:53PM

Michael Peppler wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 12:41, Michael Peppler wrote:
>>Thanks to Jeff Urlwin there are now PPDs for DBD::Sybase
>>I used the instructions posted in
>> (thanks Jeff!) to get
>>the various tools under Windows (VC++, etc).

Let's not blame the wrong Jeff for this, it was my post on perlmonks.

> I have been told that these binaries probably depend on MSVCR71.dll
> which is probably not installed by default. 

AFAIK, that's only available with a purchased copy of MSVC.  But it 
isn't totally clear to me that this is a show stopper.  I was able to 
compile DBI and DBD::SQLite with the free tools mentioned in my 
perlmonks posting.  Both modules passed all tests and appear to operate 
correctly in simple scripts.  I'm assuming that was also the case with 
DBD::Sybase. If indeed these free tools are not sufficient to build the 
modules in question, then one wonders what tests would illustrate the 

> I'm really a beginner with
> Win32

Me too, so apply a big YMMV to my perlmonks posting and read some of the 
comments on it for more information.  The only post I saw that 
specifically reported problems was in relation to Win32::* modules.  It 
doesn't seem too unlikely to me that Windows specific modules would 
require a specific .dll.  Whether that applies to modules which don't 
make use of any Windows specific code is another question and one I'm 
not qualified to answer.

Jeff (the other one)