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From: "Matthew O dot Persico" <persicom at acedsl dot com>
Subject: Re: Trying to reach sybperl list, no luck
Date: Sep 10 2003 11:25PM

On Wed, 10 Sep 2003 10:30:08 -0700, Michael Peppler wrote:
>On Wed, 2003-09-10 at 08:38, wrote:
>>Sorry for the intrusion, but can someone familar with sybase please
>>reply? The
>>emails to the sybperl list and owner keep bouncing back.
>Should be back up now.
>>Subject: Compiling Sybperl 2.15 and Sybase 12.5, 64 bit client
>>There is a 50-50 chance that this is my problem, i.e, a busted
>>installation, but
>>I'll throw this out there just in case.
>>1) While compiling Sybperl 2.15 and Sybase 12.5, 64 bit client, the
>>script couldn't determine the CTLib Client version because it is
>>performs as
>>trings command on libct.a and we only had a file. If
>>that's a busted
>>installation, never mind. If not, then maybe should read
>>my $version = `strings $lib/libct.a $lib/`;
>My version has:

B version? CPAN shows 2.15. I am using 2.15. Is there something out there beyond 2.15?

>my $libct;
>foreach (qw(libct.a libct64.a {
>$libct = "$lib/$_";
>last if -e $libct;
>my $version = `strings $libct`;
>which should find the version string in one of the appropriate
>files (although I should probably test for libct.dll and as

>>2) Installation couldn't find libbrk because is it named libbrk_64.
>>Is that a
>>busted installation (no libbrk link or no explicit file with that
>>name), or a
>>bad configuration check?
>I don't know - is that libblk that you mean? 

Yeah, its libblk that I meant. But never mind for now - my SA thinks the installation was busted.

Matthew O. Persico